Bienvenue à This is my Morocco

Bienvenue à This is my Morocco, le voyage de 32 étudiants provenants de 16 pays différents, venus explorer les merveilles qu’offrent le Maroc. Nous participons à un projet de volontariat avec AIESEC pour promouvoir le tourisme à Agadir et à Marrakech. Sur ce blog, nous vous parlerons de nos expériences sur place dans ces villes, et bien d’autres encore, de la culture marocaine, et de ce que nous avons resenti tout au long de cette aventure. Nous allons voyager et explorer le pays durant 6 semaines au total. Nous sommes très heureux de vous emmener avec nous dans cette expérience pour en apprendre un peu plus sur le Maroc, au travers de notre point de vue!

Ceci est la version française de ce blog, chaque article posté en anglais sur la page principale sera traduit ici au fur et à mesure!

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Article traduit par Clémence Lecart

Welcome to This is My Morocco

Welcome to This is My Morocco, a journey of thirty-two people from sixteen different countries exploring the wonders of Morocco. We are volunteering with AIESEC to promote tourism in the cities of Agadir and Marrakech. We will be writing about our experiences in these cities and others, Moroccan culture, and how we feel throughout the experience. We will be living and exploring in Morocco for six weeks total. We are excited for you to join us on this journey to learn about Morocco from our point of view.


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Written by and photographs from Ashlee Harvey

Dar Si Said Museum

This museum is at Jamae El Fanna “the big Market in Marrakesh” it is near to Bahia Palace so you could visit both places in the same day J its ticket is 10 DH and it worth the visit. The museum is displaying ornate artisan Moroccan objects from the 11th Century like Carpets, women accessories, vases, napkins, silk bed Covers..etc and everything in the museum has a label next to it to tell you the names of things you are seeing .


Although you will be attracted to the old traditional Moroccan things, the museum‘s ceiling, floors and walls are designed with the amazingly spectacular Moroccan designs and colours that will for sure grab your attention too.

Its walls are crafted and painted with the most vibrant mix of colours-you won’t get your eyes from it – .Not only are the walls colourful, but also the ceilings and floors are pieces of art –Moroccan people didn’t leave anything in their homes empty 😀 but this is the thing that made their designs reputable until now, because they didn’t build normal houses… they built piece of arts –

In the middle of the museum there is a small fountain surrounded by small greeny gardens full of flowers and trees, where you can take memorable photos there.

Hope You enjoy your visit there

Written By Salma Hesham Mesbah

GoodBye Agadir

It will be a great experience for you to visit Agadir if you want to relax. Its long beach with its softy sand were you can rest your body and think of nothing “Peace for your Mind” . Not only can you relax there, but also you can try some of the activities on the beach such as snorkeling, Parasailing and riding a jet ski.

Agadir Oufella is the mountain were you can hike to reach its top and see the most stunning view . Its better to go before sunset and stay till night to see the lights coming out of the city at night.

The Ahad Market “Souk El Ahad” with its colorful spices and the traditional Moroccan galabya and the other Moroccan staff is one of the biggest markets in morocco where you can buy  amazing souvenirs for your family and friends.

Hope you will enjoy Agadir as we have … and wait for Marrakesh articles :)Rola Khaled

Written by Salma Hesham and Rola Khaled.


Taghazout is a small fishing village located approximately 15km north of the city of Agadir, Morocco. The amazing scenery, the traditional architecture, the welcoming people and of course the marvelous beaches are only a few of the things that make this village so unique. The inhabitants are mostly of Berber origin. Finding out about their way of living, visiting their traditionally but colorfully built houses marked by the traditional berber symbol and getting in touch with them is an absolute must-do while you are in Morocco. Cultural understanding is being facilitated by the close proximity to the locals.IMG_6951

Taghazout has lots of restaurants that offer a relatively wide selection of foods. Couscous, tagines, omelettes, and pastilles are just a few of the options you will find there. On the seafront you have the Surf Berbere Cafe, Auberge, and Mouja. Then on the main street there are several restaurants offering traditional Moroccan cuisine such as Cafe Florida and La Paix. But the alternative I would recommend to anyone who is visiting Taghazout is to have his meal in one of the many hostels located just in front of the beach. To appreciate the breath-taking view that these place has to offer, it is advisable to find a spot close to the many windows. Enjoying the traditional cuisine while watching the sunset by the sea is once in a lifetime experience.

IMG_6947It’s an ideal destination for all levels of surfing skills – perfect for professionals and amateurs alike, surfers flock the beach during the winter months in hope of catching one of those famous Taghazout waves. It’s cheap to rent a board from one of the many surf shops this small village has; just walk the narrow streets and look out for good deals! Taghazout is always sunny, literally and metaphorically. If you want to disconnect, take some time off and appreciate what life (or maybe should I say Taghazout) has to offer, all you have to do is book a flight to Morocco. So, what are you waiting for?IMG_6870

Written by Aggeliki Xafi, Daniel Cornes, Ashley Mak, Felix Grundmann; Photos by Ashlee Harvey

Taroudant & Tiout

Located about two hours east of Agadir, Taroudant is a small city that is often referred to as the “Little Marrakech.” The walls that surround the city are similar to that of Marrakech, hence the above name. IMG_3685Inside the medina of Taroudant is a souk that looks deceivingly small from the outside but once inside one can get easily lost. The souk in Taroudant is not as uniform as Souk El Had in Agadir; it is not all within a square area. The souk, like most other souks, has everything you could think of. It has spices, electronics, traditional clothing, shoes and more.IMG_3696Just a short drive from Taroudant is a quaint Berber village of Tiout. The hospitaltity that we were met with when we got there was amazing. We were offered mint tea while they prepared donkeys for us to ride (if we wanted) to climb up to the Kasbah (the old fortress). IMG_7623Once the donkeys were prepared we started the journey through the farm area of the village to the Kasbah. Along the way we got different views of the Kasbah and even saw some date trees. Once we reached the Kasbah it was time to ditch the donkeys and climb up the rocks to the Kasbah. The view from the Kasbah, though you couldn’t go in very far because it was mainly ruins, was beautiful. We headed back to have lunch at the same restaurant and it was one of the best lunches I have had in Morocco. As a vegetarian it can be kind of hit and miss as far as meals go but this one was amazing. We had couscous that was sweet and had little chopped up peanuts on it and then we had vegetable tajine followed by watermelon for dessert. Delicious!IMG_7613

If you have the chance I would definitely recommend going to Taroudant and Tiout.


Written by and pictures from Ashlee Harvey




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Trip to Legzira


(Photo Credit Yiming)

After visiting the impressive pottery market, the bus drove us to Legzira, one of the 40 best beaches on earth named by the Huffington Post.

On the way to Legzira, a lot of extraordinary sceneries can be seen, typical Moroccan style, yellow sand, trees mixed of green and yellow color…As a person living in the northeastern part of China who only saw the view like that in books and TV, everything is fresh and amazing for me!

After getting off the bus, we went downstairs and arrived at the terrace of a restaurant. It was the restaurant where we had lunch. Because of the sea, the weather was not so hot and we could feel the blow of wind all the time. There are a few restaurants like this on the beach. You can have tajines, couscous and skewer in those restaurants, and a meal cost you about 45 dirham (4.5 euro or so).

I had an octopus tajine in the restaurant. But to tell the truth, I don’t like it very much because it was oily. Here I would recommend fish or chicken tajine – delicious and nutritious.


(Octopus tajine – Photo Credit Yiming)

Having said one of the best beaches can be found here, the most important thing for us – is certainly go to visit the seaside!


(Photo Credit Kaopod)

This is one of the remarkable arches of Legzira. Two arches naturally formed by the sea can be found. We walked on the beach to get there. The scenery is really impressive. You will relieve your pressure in the daily life when you stand under the arches and watch the spoondrift. Don’t forget to bring your cameras or mobile phones for taking nice pictures 😀

IMG_3251(Photo Credit Kaopod)IMG_3250

(Photo Credit Kaopod)IMG_3256

(Photo Credit Kaopod)


(Photo Credit Clémence)

It would be better for you to wear flip flops if you want to walk on the beach and go into the water due to 2 reasons. First, there are a lot of stones on certain areas of the beach; second, the sand and stones can be very hot under the sun. Therefore, it is not easy to walk without shoes.

The water is very cool and clean! A lot of members of our project swam and played in the sea 🙂


(Photo Credit Kaopod)

Children are playing with sand.


(Photo Credit Kaopod)

In order not to be tanned, I chose to stay in the restaurant where we had lunch, and play with dogs. They were so cute!

This little dog was having a comfortable nap.


(Photo Credit Yiming)

Restaurants and hotels can be found on the seaside, and the buildings are very colorful and pretty, like the world of fairy tales 🙂


(Photo Credit Clémence)

We departed from Agadir and went there by bus rented by the organizers of our project, about 10 euro per person.  For saving money, you can also take a taxi from Agadir to Tiznit, and then take a bus from Tiznit to Legzira, which will cost you 5 euro or so in total, although it can be less convenient.

(Written by Yiming Jiang)


Kasbah / Agadir Oufella

        If you ever passed by the beach, you’d see Arabic letters, which get lighted up at night, saying “God, Country, King” engraved on the hill. This is where the Kasbah stands.
The Kasbah, also known as Agadir Oufella, is one of the most popular places for both tourists and locals. Located at the top of the mountain, the Kasbah gives you the view of the whole city. This is a must for those who want to know how Agadir looks like from a birds-eye view.

After the earthquake in 1960, the remains of Kasbah fortress which was built in the 16th Century stands behinds the sea. Despite the wreckage of pastime, you still get to enjoy the Moroccan modern way of life when getting up there. Not only tourists, but Moroccan locals still usually go up there just to hang out and enjoy the perspective of the city. The weather is also very nice, but at night it can get somewhat chilly. But the amazing view of Agadir is what makes it worth the hike, drive, or run. It took us around 30 minutes to get up there by foot and we have no regrets about it. We strongly recommend you to stay there until sunset and experience the beautiful night view of Agadir.
If walking is not your preference, the taxis are one of the available means to get you up there. Just say “Kasbah” and not a single driver will even lift an eyebrow or give you a questioning glance when hearing this word. No other place in this city would be more famous.

Being a popular spot, at the top of the Kasbah there are a few stores and vendors trying to sell whatever you can spend money on: food, accessories, souvenirs, or even camels rides. So those who are afraid that there would be nothing, you can rest easily and add the Kasbah to your to-do when in Agadir.
Either for walking or sightseeing, the Kasbah is on the top of the list in Agadir. It offers you an experience like no other places would. It would be exaggerating to say you have visited the city without stepping a single foot on the Kasbah.