A day in Agadir

The main beach in Agadir *photo credit Yiming 

Agadir is a vibrant city with stunning beaches, lively markets, and lots of activites to fill the days with. In order to make the most of your time in Agadir we have designed the perfect agenda to give you the true Moroccan experience.

To start the day take a stroll down the main beach. During the day the beaches can be filled with tourists and locals a like; however, in the morning the place is deserted so you can appricate the true beauty it has to offer.

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A traditional Moroccan meal *photo credit Hannah Patzer

Once done strolling down the beach hop in to anyone of the cafes (our favorite being a place called Pistachios) to get yourself a traditional moroccan breakfast consisting of coffee or tea, moroccan bread (msemen, meloui, beghrir to name a few), olive oil, honey, jam, and of course some freshly squeezed orange juice.

After breakfast, hang around the beach and soak up some glorious moroccan rays. All along the beach there will be men offering jet ski rides for anywhere between 150-250 dh per half hour. You also have the option of renting lawn chairs and umbrellas for a mere 20dh per chair which I would highly reccomend doing as the sun can get pretty hot around midday.

Spices in the Souk *photo credit Hannah Patzer

Once you have had your fill of the sun hop in a red taxi and head over to the famous Souk Al Had. The ride should cost about 15-20dh. Once inside the Souk be prepared to be overwhelmed by the sheer size of it all. There are over 7000 stalls containing everything from clothes to fruits to lotions and much more. Make sure to barter with the sellers and as a general rule of thumb offer them at least half of their first offer so you do not get ripped off. Before you go, be sure to buy some homemade bread and amelou (a type of moroccan almond butter) to snack on.

Kasbah hill *photo credit Sami Ait El Maati

About an hour before the sun is suppose to set be sure to take a taxi from the Souk back to the marina. From there you can hike up the giant hill, Kasbah, to witness a breathtaking sunset. On the hill you will notice three words in Arabic which light up at night to say God, Country, King. The hike itself is not very difficult and there is a paved way for you to follow – the asent should take between 30-45min. Be sure to bring a jacket as it can get a little chilly at night.

For a later dinner head back to the marina and stop at any one of the restaurants. You can find everything from pizzerias to traditional moroccan cuisine. Being on the beach is a bit pricey, but the atmosphere makes up for the extra cost.

We hope you found this blog useful and feel free to comment any questions below! 🙂 Enjoy your time in Agadir.



Written by Hannah Patzer / www.postcardsfromhannah.com 

3 thoughts on “A day in Agadir

  1. Junaid Chaudhry

    Ms Hannah Patzer: I am a friend of Mr Talha Hanif’s. He “liked” this post on facebook, and so I came to this site to read your post. Your blog post is very well-written. I enjoyed reading how the “day in Agadir” transitions from “pretty hot” to “a little chilly.” And your description of the homemade bread and type of moroccan almond butter — well, I wish I could take a bite of that right now! Thanks for sharing your experience. 🙂


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